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Abridged C.V. of Joseph Molnár

Name: Joseph Molnár
Birth date: April 11, 1936
Birthplace: Klárafalva, Csongrád County, Hungary
Tel: (36-62) 311-438
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Éva Lászlóffy (lawyer)
Children: Ildikó Molnár (photographer)
Present Position: Professor emeritus
Department of Medical Microbiology
University of Szeged
Dóm tér 10, H-6720 Szeged, Hungary
Tel: (36-62)545-115, 545-114
Fax: (36-62)545-113

M.D. University Medical School, Szeged, Physician (1961)
M.S. University Medical School, Szeged, Medical Laboratory (1965)
Ph.D. University Medical School, Szeged, Bacteriology (1974)
M.S. University Medical School, Szeged, Microbiology (1980)
D.Sc. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, (1986)

Professional Position:
1961-1965 Research Assistance, Institute of Microbiology
1965-1976 Assistant Professor, - " -
1976-1987 Associate Professor, - " -
1988- Professor, - 2006
1985-1991 Vice Dean for Medical Faculty, A. Szent-Györgyi Medical University
2006-present Professor Emeritus

Hungarian Association for Microbiology, 1962
Hungarian Association for Biochemistry, 1976
Biol. Section, Szeged Committee of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1979
Hungarian Association for Medical Education, 1984
Committee for Microbiology, Epidemiology and Vaccination of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences, 1989
Management Committee of Cooperation in Science and Technology of European Commission, COST Acrival Program of EEC, 1992-1996; COST 821, 1995, 1999; COST 916, 1996, 2000
European Society for Biomodulation and Chemotherapy, 1993
European Society of Chemotherapy and Infectious Diseases, 1993
International Endotoxin Society, 1993
Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1994
Chair of Szeged Foundation for Cancer Research, 1995
Domain Committee in Biomedicine and Bioscience at COST- ESF Directorate (2006-2010)
Research Grants obtained from:
Hungarian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education
Hungarian Committee of Technical Development
Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Publication: 417 papers

Research Interest:
-Reversal of multidrug resistance of tumor cells.
-Thermodinamic aspects of cancer.
-Antitumor action of synthetic and plant derived compounds. Endotoxin and protein-A complexes.
-Reversal of antibiotic resistance of bacteria, antibacterial chemotherapy, bacterial genetics, bacterial plasmids, antiplasmid drug design: phenothiazines, dibenzoazepines,, anthracenes, acridines, cannabis.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Sciences to USA, 1985, 1990; University of Mediterraneé, Marseille, France, 1996, 1997; University of Humboldt, Berlin, Germany, 1997, 1998, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 1995, 1997.

Books published:
1."Electropharmacology", eds. Eckert, Gutmann, Keyzer, CRC (1990);
2."Thiazines and Related Compunds" as a co-author: G.M. Eckert, I.S. Forrest, R.R. Gupta, F. Gutmann, H. Keyzer and J. Molnár, Krieger Publ. Co., USA (1992),
3."Charge Transfer Complexes in Biological Systems" eds. F.Gutmann, H. Keyzer, C. Johnson and J. Molnár, M. Decker, USA (1997);
4."Non-Antibiotics, A New Class of Unrecognised Antimicrobials", eds. A. Chakrabarty, J. Molnár , S. Dastidar, N. Motohasi, Nat. Inst Sci. Commun., New Delhi, India (1998)


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