The Foundation for Cancer Research Szeged, founded in 1995, is a tax-exempt, public charity that was created to raise awareness and funds for the importance of cancer research. Our foundation supports research focused on the chemoprevention of cancer, and the improve of the therapy of drug resistant tumors by increasing the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy. Since 1995 we have carried out our mission by:
1. Improving conditions of cancer research.
- Seeking financial support for the purchase of chemicals, compounds, media and instruments employed in cancer research.
- Creating working models that evaluate the effects of potential anti-cancer drugs on specific cancers.
- Determining the relationship of effects to the molecular structure of anti-cancer drugs and targets of the cancer cell.
2. Developing the infrastructure of cancer research.
- Increasing the capacity of the laboratory.
- Developing computer cancer data bases.
- Improving the cancer library by obtaining scientific journals, books and software.
3. Promoting collaborations among scientists within Hungary and with those of other countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.
- Attending and presenting cancer research data at National and International conferences.
- Encouraging communications between FCRS laboratories and National and International laboratories.
- Encouraging exchange visits between members of FCRS and cancer research centres..
- Attracting university, Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral students into cancer research
4. Exploiting and disseminating cancer research results /articles) in National and International peer review journals.
5. Publishing the Ph. D. dissertations and university diploma work in National and International peer review journals.
6. Obtaining media coverage for important studies that affect cancer research and cancer therapy.